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Bellavate is an all-in-one campaign powerhouse! Say goodbye to stress and scattered tools. With sleek landing pages, seamless sales funnels, and secret sales magic, success is within reach. Ready to make waves in the beauty world? Let's do this together.

All-In-One Platform

Automagic Booking System

Weekly Coaching + Support

Does it feel like you're constantly on the verge of success but never quite getting there?

You are hopeful success will come one day but feel stuck in a cycle of confusion and uncertainty about how to grow your business, overwhelmed by the chaos of manual scheduling and administrative tasks.

You yearn to elevate your artistry and expand your clientele, but you're hindered by the overwhelming demands of managing your business single-handedly.

Your studio is plagued by scheduling conflicts, missed appointments, and a lack of effective client communication - leaving you overwhelmed and burnt out.

Just as your business gains momentum, you encounter setback after setback, leaving you feeling defeated and uncertain.

You grapple with self-doubt and frustration, questioning whether your decision to start a business was a mistake struggle to navigate through the chaos.

If this sounds familiar, know that you're not alone. We understand what you're going through it because we have been through it too and learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. Since then, we have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs just like you transform their businesses and their lives in ways that once seemed impossible. Our plan worked for us to build a 7-figure beauty business, it's worked for our members, and it will work for you too.

👇 Solving the How to book clients problem

Key Video Takeaways:

Set It & Forget It Method™

How to Multiply One Client into Ten Clients Indefinitely Without The Guesswork

Automagic Systems & Set Up

How to Automate These Sales & Marketing Systems Without Being Glued To Your Phone

Forget It & Be Free

How to Create A 7 Figure System & Set It Up ONCE So Your Services Sell Themselves While You Snooze

Our members speak for us

The Results Speak For Themselves

A Peek-A-Boo(ked) Inside Bellavate:

What makes Bellavate Different: The Set It & Forget It Booking Method™ revealed.

Set-It & Forget-It Booking Method™ Access + Weekly Coaching Calls

Get a steady stream of new clients consistently with our Set-It and Forget-It method. It's not just a software, or a pretty landing page, it's a proven strategy. Trust us. It works.

Pre & Post Procedural Document/Form Templates and Automation.

Bid farewell to pre-appointment jitters and post appointment woes as our automated system ensures every client is prepared and ready, granting peace of mind with every booking.

Pre-Loaded Infotainment Email Marketing Motherload.

104 Week nurture e-mails people actually open

30 Day email sequence for trainers

Booked-Out Black Friday Email Sequence

Ready-Set-Launch e-mail sequence for trainers

& so much more, we're just getting started

Designed for you landing pages & funnels, value-engineered to convert.

Specifically crafted and written for beauty-service professionals with specific workflows customized to lash artists, permanent makeup artists, paramedical clinics, medical aesthetic clinics, and more!

Online Course Builder +

Ready-Set-Launch Launch Email Nurture Sequence

Make your online course finally happen with integrated and intuitive online course builder.Plus our winning nurture sequence to prep and prime your pipeline for your most successful launch yet.

Seamless Stress-Free Appointment Booking

Feel relief wash over as you smoothly manage appointments, leaving time for what truly matters: giving the client in the chair your full attention. Good-bye shot nerves and hello to actually having time for you even on your busiest work-day.

Weekly Success Coaching Sessions + 24/7 Tech Support

Leverage Bellavate's weekly coaching sessions and vibrant community to facilitate continuous improvement. Engage with fellow beauty professionals, share best practices, and receive guidance from industry experts during these sessions.

Stay informed about the latest trends

Hone and refine your strategies

Continuous improvement & expansion

Subpar Marketing and Stale Sales? Girl, Bye

Time Drain

Watch as manual tasks vanish, freeing up your valuable time.

Revenue Loss

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and embrace optimized processes.

Marketing Flops

Step into a world where your marketing efforts are streamlined and effective.

Limited Growth

Leave behind manual management and unlock your business's full potential.

Dormant Clients

Wave goodbye to communication mishaps and errors, ensuring your clients' satisfaction.

Your business on autopilot

Freedom to focus on what only you can do. Imagine how much work you can get done, when you have a system executing the busywork 24/7.

Customized landing pages

Tailored landing page designed to turn prospects into loyal clients!

Built-In Engineered-For-You CRM

Effortlessly manage all prospects and clients with our intuitive CRM system.

Instant Follow Up

Delight with lighting-fast personalized messages across multiple channels: Text, Email, Social Media & More!

Work Smarter, Together

Share information and tasks easily, so everyone knows what's going on and can help each other out.

More Power, Less Subscriptions

This all-in-one software eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions, for a fraction of the cost.

Simple Booking

Put client scheduling on autopilot, so you can focus on creating better experiences for your team and clients.

Share Clients Fairly

Automatically distribute client inquiries evenly among your team, so everyone gets an equal opportunity to succeed.

Instant Call Transfer

Never miss a client inquiry again! Ensure your phone rings every time a client is ready to talk or book in.

Remember Important Tasks

Automated follow up reminders, send consent forms, or any other important tasks in your client's journey.

Seamless Communication Hub

All messages and calls in one place so that you never miss a client opportunity again; email, text, socials, & more!

Measure Business Performance

Easily see how well your campaigns are performing - improve what is working with advanced analytics and reporting.

Mobile Friendly Management

Bellavate's mobile app allows you to take care of client and team needs with speed and ease, evene on-the-go.

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Dreams DO come true

Gone are the days of struggling to juggle multiple tools and platforms.

With Bellavate, you'll have everything you need in one intuitive platform: industry-optimized landing page templates, automated workflows to handle the busywork, and easy payment processing—all designed to engineer truly exceptional client experiences and make your work more rewarding.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

HubSpot or Salesforce